Hey it’s summer, quick we need instant bikini buttage!

So you’ve sorted the front of your woman parts with a little help from lady gardening but what about that hairy butt you’re hiding. Disgusting. Just teasing, this blog post isn’t really about your hair butt, if you really have a hairy butt you need to see someone quicky we can’t help you there.

This post is all about butt sculpting, essentially turn your meat into beautiful piece of art.

Ok ladies this is what we’re going to have to do.

  1. You snacking? Best not be, snacking whilst reading this blog I bet. Stop snacking, no snacking after 7pm. New rule. What’s that I hear, you’re hungry? Drink water my friends – no calories.
  2. What we’re going to need are low glycemic index foods which help with weight release such as cabbage, broccoli, beans. Boy you’re going to be stinky. Oh yeah. It’s so gonna be worth it!
  3. Eat 4-5 meals a day slightly smaller than normal servings. Go easy on the condiments, I see you reaching for that mayonnaise…low fat is it? Check again.

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