Sally Hansen Color Quick™ Fast Dry Nail Colour Pen Review

New and exciting!

Here at Lady Garden we try and review new and exciting products that aren’t related to hair removal. This weeks review is for the Sally Hansen Fast Dry Nail Pen.

A water based nail colour pen makes polishing your nails a breeze. It is a little weird to use at first because it’s not like using actual polish. It is easy to fix mistakes without affecting polish underneath, so if you’ve got wobbly hands this is great!  If you don’t always have money to get your nails done you’ll find this is a great alternative.

Dries quickly and very easy use but can chip easily.

Being confident in sunny times of summer!

Strutt your stuff, but only before you’ve cared for your muff. Ah I love a good rhyme. Have you seen our bikini stencil collection yet? (It’s the latest summer fashion accessory) I hope the bikini buttage is going well, but if you’ve fallen off the wagon already and you don’t feel comfortable in a full figured bikini don’t panic. Many full figured women avoid plus size bikinis whatsoever costs. Should you? This summer season you might want to consider and decide if this can be the right time to fully embrace your figure and choose that exciting two-piece bikini swimsuit, or one piece, depends what kind of mood you’re feeling. Women all over the entire world are doing this right now, the plus size market is literally booming.

You may not be conscious of this, but plus size bikinis are readily available around the internet. If you might be looking for any fashionable bikini that may fit you perfectly and offer you the confidence hitting the pool this summer. The first thing that I would suggest you do when you go on the internets is locate a couple of specialty clothing websites that are dedicated to plus size swimwear. (Such as: Simply Yours). Browse through their online catalog and check out their swimsuits on full figured women. Take some time to look over the many styles available. You should not have trouble finding many fashionable bikinis in right now.

As long as you are ready to embrace your curves, hitting the beach or pool this season is going to be easy. Just understand that self-confidence is key to wearing a plus size bikini. Use positive body language and do not cover yourself up! Show everyone that you’re comfortable with yourself and you are free being yourself. So go wear that bikini this season and possess some fun in the sun!

Oh and remember, if you’re muff is poking out the top, errr well, you’ll need a stencil of course, try the heart shaped bikini stencil.

Hey it’s summer, quick we need instant bikini buttage!

So you’ve sorted the front of your woman parts with a little help from lady gardening but what about that hairy butt you’re hiding. Disgusting. Just teasing, this blog post isn’t really about your hair butt, if you really have a hairy butt you need to see someone quicky we can’t help you there.

This post is all about butt sculpting, essentially turn your meat into beautiful piece of art.

Ok ladies this is what we’re going to have to do.

  1. You snacking? Best not be, snacking whilst reading this blog I bet. Stop snacking, no snacking after 7pm. New rule. What’s that I hear, you’re hungry? Drink water my friends – no calories.
  2. What we’re going to need are low glycemic index foods which help with weight release such as cabbage, broccoli, beans. Boy you’re going to be stinky. Oh yeah. It’s so gonna be worth it!
  3. Eat 4-5 meals a day slightly smaller than normal servings. Go easy on the condiments, I see you reaching for that mayonnaise…low fat is it? Check again.

Hello Lady Gardeners!

Welcome to our blog about all things gardening (the naughty kind)!

Stuff is growing in the wild, and that stuff just so happens to be ladymuff. Deadly in numbers, and a possible choking hazard – it’s about time your trimmed the lady garden.

This blog is all about the hows & whys of trimming or removing your hair “down there” for a fresh, clean look and “oh yeah” feeling. This blog is here to help squash all the misconceptions out there about hair removal for the bikini line (and beyond….woooosh!)

It’s been a long winter we know.